The erection of the Diocese of  Thalasserry  was a fulfillment of the aspirations of the migrated people in Malabar. The event that followed the world wars presented an insight to the people of Travancore., to reach out to a better abode for themselves to the generations to come. Groups of them travelled to the north and ended up in the wilderness of Malabar. The fertile soil and the political situations invited and influenced  more and more to the migration and colonization. The bravery and adventure of the people made the land prosperous. They built schools and churches, constructed roads and bridges, established towns and cities.

Their longing for a spiritual leadership of Syro-Malabar Rite was answered by the authorities. Cardinal Tiserant, the prefect of the Oriental Churches came to Malabar, studied the case, erected the diocese of Thalasserry, nominated Mar Sebastian Valloppilly, its administrator in 1953. He was consecrated as Bishop on January 1st 1956.
To have more concentration or the spiritual needs of the people he appealed to all religious congregations of Pala to send sisters to Malabar. Mother Kochuthresia, Superior General of Sacred Heart Congregation, accepted the invitation and sent six zealous missionaries to Malabar with Divine Providence as their sole wealth.
The establishment of St.Joseph's Province is marked with the opening of the first house at Mariapuram on May 31st   1955. The flourishing of pastoral service to different sectors influenced the growth of vocation. This encouraged the superiors to think seriously to start a formation house at a convenient spot. At this time the Parish of Peravoor, the first colony of St.Thomas Christians of Malabar, invited us and donated a site for house near the Forane Church. Thus in 1956, Mar.Sebastian Valloppilly laid the foundation stone for the Novitiate House and Rev.Fr.Philip Murinjakallel, the Vicar of Peravoor has been entrusted the construction of the house and completed it by 1959. Those early years were the days of hardships and financial scarcity which produced zealous members, whose services have influenced tremendously the growth of Malabar Church to its present status. The community of six members started at Mariyapuram grew in number and was declared as a Region in 1972 and  as Province in 1976.

The expansion of the diocese of Thalasserry to Mangaluru, Mysore, Ootty and Bangaluru opened a new field for our apostolate. Small pockets of Christian families were found in the remote villages of Karnataka State, which were not in touch with the Mother Church. In order to bring them back, we were happy to accept the Bishop's request to extend our services to these remote villages of Karnataka, such as Induvally,  Kallenahally and Shirady. Meantime we have extended our services to West Germany too.

To meet the vast scope, St.Joseph's Province of Malabar was bifurcated into St.Joseph's Province Thalaserry (1976), Nirmala Province Mananthavady in 1988 and Santhom Vice Province Thamarassery in 1991, MaryMatha Region Belthangady in 2007. This ofcourse  resulted a tremendous growth in both quantity and quality.
During the recent years St.Joseph's Province had the privilege of starting more mission centers in the districts, at South Canara and Kodagu of Karnataka state. The selfless service and dedication of the sisters for the spiritual uplift of the people, through various means of apostolate in those remote villages with co-operation of the priests, is no matter, a hardsome effort in the field of evangelization.

The invitation of Rt.Rev.Dr.George Mamalasserry ,the Bishop of Tura, Meghalaya to be the Heralds of Good News to the villagers of Ampathi and Rabhagere, opened a new horizon in the North East India. The zealous six sisters stepped in Tura  on 2nd of October 1997. Ofcourse it was a land mark in the history of St.Joseph's Province,Thalasserry. Later on Purakasia and Thikrikilla missions were entrusted to our care. Now 30 sisters are doing services there. Pastoral ministry among the Garos is rewarding with conversions and vocations.

Another equally important event is the beginning of a new mission station at Windhoek-Namibia, Africa, at the request of the Bishop of Windhoek Diocese. Two enthusiastic sisters started their mission work in Namibia on 12th December 1998. Now also 3 sisters are working there. We were called to extend our services to Assam. Rt.Rev.Dr.Thomas Pulloppillil, the Bishop of Bongaigon invited us to start a house in Bongaigon Diocese and we started a mission center at Koila Moila on 27th June 2003 and another at Chapper on 8th January 2006.

Our main apostolic works are pastoral ministry, City based evangelization, education, social welfare activities, care of the sick, Paliative Care, Caring for the Mentally ill, Rehabilitation of the Psychiatric Patients, De-addiction Treatment for the alcoholic patients, Psychological Counseling, and the needy children, the  aged, the handicapped, the Differently  abled and the singles.

The growth of the Province during these years is indeed a remarkable phenomena. At Present the Province has:
Total No. of Sisters     - 481,                Formed Houses  -  42
Perpetually Professed  - 420                Mission Stations   - 8
Temporarily Professed -  61                Service Centers    - 4
Residence                 - 2